Album: On a leash (2017)

Song: No Condolences

Bitrate: 192kbps

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The town of Turnhout Belgium has brought us numerous well-recieved hardcore-punk acts over the last two decades. Some of them marked a short but powerfull stint while others rose to be long-lived international household names in contemporary hardcore. And because every member in this band had already earned their keep fromout this local scene, some have claimed it to be evident they would eventually form a band sooner or later.
And so, early 2016, Bert Lavrijssen (formerly PTF) joined forces with axemen Derwin Pinxteren and Toon Flameng (formerly Think Ahead, Brickbat) and seasoned rhythm section Kris Rijnen (drums, PTF, E97) and Gert Ooms (bass,formerly PTF) to become what is now known as BARKING DOGS.
Chemistry between them was instant, 2016 thus has been more than a fruitfull year for these five gents. Thunderous, spine-shivering riffs, powerhouse drumming with an undeniable groove, bouldering, earth moving vocals all add up to a stable repertoire that will, upon release, shake this scene by it's foundations and, unquestionably, leave an undeniable impression.
Late 2016 found them recording their debut mcd 'ON A LEASH' at CCR studio's. A release for this first effort is being planned as we speak somewhere february/march 2017. Still, the band is eager to bring their material to a crowd and those familiar with the previous acts of this five-piece know what to expect, Energetic live show, tight and hard as nails, no more and certainly no less.